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Open your business to the worlds highest spending customer segment, American Express® Cardmembers.

With an ever growing number of Estonian issued American Express Cards in circulation and more than 85 million people using American Express Card, you should definitelly consider accepting Amerian Express.

Benefits of accepting American Express card: Welcoming American Express Cardmembers can make a real difference to Your business.

  • An American Express Cardmember spends on average, twice as much money than other cardholders;
  • Many international business clients use American Express Credit Card as their official business Credit Card and will choose to shop on the basis of where the Card is accepted.
  • Increase your exposure to millions of Cardmembers both in Estonia and all over the world by promoting your business by becoming a special Selects Partner.
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If you would like to grow your business and realise the benefits of accepting American Express, call us (+372) 613 2222.

If you already accept American Express and would like to become a Selects
Partner, please call (+372) 888 3992 or
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